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Power Systems

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UPS System

G-Tec is an Uninterruptible Power Supply manufacturers company, It has twenty year experience in UPS and in power supply distribution. G-Tec, besides being UPS producer, provide a high efficient technical support in pre-sales and post-sales, for all distributors and customers worldwide and an high ratio quality against price is guaranteed.


UPS System

EATON offers Extensive And Cost Effective Range of Small Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) designed to satisfy All Types of applications.

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ORTEA Electronics has been Manufacturing Regulators and Transformers For Stabilization and Continuity of Electrical Energy.

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Batteries (Lead Acid & Nickel Cad)

Amaron Batteries is one of the world’s Largest And Most Successful Battery Manufacturing groups, and can provide The Most Effective standby power Solution.

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Batteries (Lead Acid & Nickel Cad)

Sprinter batteries are designed for superior, high-rate performance in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications.



BRUNO Genset an Italian firm Specialized in Manufacturing High end Heavy Duty Generators for All Types Of Power Application.

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