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Fire Protection and Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

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SIMPLEX has Led The Market for more than Two Decades. Known For Reliability and Flexibility, SIMPLEX Systems protect New and Existing construction.


Edwards, Known For Reliability and Flexibility, Systems protect New and Existing construction.

FM-200 (R) / NOVECTM 1230 / CO2

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FM-200 (R)

FM-200 (R) is the clean, safe and environmentally friendly gaseous extinguishing agent internationally accepted and approved as the leading choice for the protection of people.


NOVECTM 1230 is a Smart, Safe, Sustainable and Environment friendly Fire Extinguishing Agent, it is accepted by almost all Approval Authorities worldwide and is a first choice of people and Major Clients in KSA.


CO2 doesn’t support combustion and it doesn’t form explosive mixtures with any substances. As Consequence, CO2 is very useful as a fireextinguishing agent.

All the above Fire Suppression Systems work with in combination with Fire Alarm System, we provide Simplex Fire Alarm System for this cause.

Water Sprinkler System

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TYCO USA has innovative building technology solutions to even more customers globally across various end markets.

Viking /Tyco

Viking /Tyco have represented global leadership in fire protection. They lead the industry in quality and innovation because fire protection is all we do, and our single focus is to support and enhance the efforts of independent fire sprinkler contractors.

As Well as we have Local Brands also.

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Fire Hose cabinets & Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire hose cabinets come in, recessed, semirecessed, surface mounted, and trim less varieties. Portable fire extinguishers are used on fires involving cooking media (fats, grease and oils) in commercial kitchens.

Kitchen Hood System

Our kitchen hood system is simple, fast response and active system to protect your lives and properties.

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