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Data Center Preparation Solutions

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RAISED Access Floor

LINDNER Raised Floor is used For Mechanical Services, IT and Communications in order that pipes/Cables Should be Installed, Serviced and Repaired.

Precision Air Conditioning

AIREDALE’S Close Control Range Is Designed for a wide range of application where high Precision AC is essential, such as Computer Processing Centers.


Liquid Leak Detection System

TTK Company was founded in France, in 1989. TTK develops manufactures and sells Digital Liquid Leak Detection Systems, based on a range of Digital Sensing Cables, digital Units and accessories. This is in order to ensure equipment’s safety under Raised Flooring from any liquid leakage

Intelligent Monitoring System

AKCP Monitoring Solutions For Data Centers, Telecom Rooms and other Sensitive Locations offers Reliable And Intelligent multi sensing and detection Devices, for better Control feasibility

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False Ceiling and Gypsum Partitions

We also have a vast choice of designer ceiling tiles that can be used for providing acoustical insulation. The various types of insulation we stock include those that do not need any dismantling of your current ceiling, but simply adding on, with minimal disruption.

We also offer the regular ceiling tiles found in various locations like school buildings, studios, hospitals, labs, etc, offering the specifications your need for your business. We also offer various partitioning solutions, with a choice of double glazing windows, different colored blinds and aluminum frames, as well as door frames and sliding doors for your company needs.

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